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Mission Driven

Grantseeker, Inc. is a chartered purpose corporation, spun out of Fluxx Labs in 2023. We are majority employee-owned and our #1 priority is to serve our customers with excellence.

Project Started
Original Parent
Fluxx Labs, Inc.
Corporate Name
Grantseeker, Inc.

A Different Kind of Corporation

Chartering a Purpose

Many startups and corporations do not think explicitly about their corporate purpose. But as every nonprofit founder knows - it's an IRS requirement to apply for tax exempt status.

When we incorporated Grantseeker, Inc., we wrote our purpose right into the Articles of Incorporation. Every shareholder and every director signs on to our Purpose.

It's not a PowerPoint slide, it's a fiduciary requirement.

And this didn't require becoming a public benefit corporation or getting B-Corp certified. We wanted to show that any corporation can do this.

“The purpose of the Company is to accelerate the mission of charitable organizations”

Grantseeker Inc., Certificate of Incorporation
March 20, 2023

This may seem like a small bit of paperwork. But it's actually the root cause of the great debate between "Shareholder Primacy" and "Stakeholder Primacy."

Most corporations leave their purpose ambiguous - limiting to "any lawful act or activity" - which invites all sorts of downstream debates about *which* lawful activities should take precedence.

Grantseeker, Inc. doesn't have any ambiguity. The company exists to serve its chartered purpose. Of course it can make money - we do - or any other lawful activity. But it's all in service of our ultimate purpose.

If you - or anyone you know - is interested in becoming a Chartered Purpose corporation, we would love to help them get it done.

Certificate of Incorporation of Grantseeker, Inc.
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