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Our Platform

Pragmatic Grants Management

Inspired by the needs of 150,000+ nonprofits, Grantseeker gives you all you need run an excellent grant program. Without any unnecessary overhead.

Track Funders & Grants:
Get all your Funders and Grants into one place - and build your single-source-of-truth about each one, across time and collaborators.
Invite Everyone:
No per-user pricing here - invite everyone to the party and divide & conquer to drive your mission forward.
Tasks & Deadlines:
Use Tasks and reminders to manage work across your team - and never miss a deadline!
Report Results:
Report out with individual Reports, and then use our public reporting feature for improved transparency.
Grantseeker Dashboard

Upgrade to Premium and unlock your team's potential.

Google Drive & Calendar Integration:
Keep a growing team together by linking documents straight from Google Drive, and producing a shared calendar.
Email Notifications:
Free yourself from task-master by letting email notifications around Grants, Reports, and Tasks do the reminding for you.
Programs Management:
Allocate and visualize grant awards across your different Programs, to measure against your goals and keep organized.
Custom Fields:
Add custom fields to your funder and grant records to deepen your tracking and management.
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Discover New Funders

Grantseeker Prospecting lets you explore thousands of Funders by focus area and location and find new funding sources to power your mission.

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