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Department of Data Liberation

Grantseeker is working to make IRS 990 data more open and accessible

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Project Brief
  • Like nearly all grant management platforms, we use the free and open data provided by the IRS on form 990 (and affiliated publications).
  • The IRS does a nice job making the bulk files available. But if you've ever worked with it, you know there's still a lot of cumbersome data munging required.
  • For several years, Grantseeker used the predecessor AWS OpenData project that had been sponsored by the IRS directly.
  • This project basically performed the "undifferentiated heavy lifting" to make the source files "cloud optimized" as individual assets in an open S3 bucket ♥.
  • Sadly the IRS stopped supporting this project at the end of 2021, in favor of just hosting the bulk files on
  • And so... Grantseeker, Inc. has decided to take up the stewardship baton!
  • AWS OpenData team has graciously agreed to sponsor us, and we welcome everyone and anyone who wants to contribute to maintaining this as a community asset going forward.
Cloud Optimized Source Files
All available 990 filings will be made available as individual urls in their original XML and PDF formats. Associated index and schema files will also be available in a standard format. No login or API keys will be required :). Just pure, open data.
Continuous DataSync for 100% Coverage
We will run a continuous sync job to ensure that our data repository always has 100% of the IRS publication data (within a ~48hr latency). No humans will be involved, unless there are breaking changes to the IRS publication patterns.
Community Stewardship
To ensure the long-term sustainability of this effort, we are standing up a simple community governance group that will ultimately inform decisions (e.g. bucket schema) and provide long-term continuity for the project (ie. Grantseeker can go on vacation). Anyone who cares about this dataset is welcome to participate! Please reach out.
Interested learn more & to contribute?
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